Super Mario Maker 2 Direct: Story Mode Announced

Super Mario Maker 2 will have a story mode.

In today’s Nintendo Direct, it is revealed that Mario Maker 2 will have a story mode. Peach’s castle needs to be rebuild in Mario Maker 2, and it is up to Mario to secure funds to help with construction.

The story mode starts off in an empty field, with nothing but Mario and some toads. Toadette is among the crew.

You need to receive coins by doing jobs. Jobs are just special made courses that Mario needs to clear. To find these jobs you have to talk to the Taskmaster, who is a normal looking toad with a helmet, standing in front of a bulletin board. The Direct says there will be over a 100 courses for Mario to do in Story mode.

The more coins you gain, the more you can build the castle. As you build more and more of the castle, new areas will become available for you to explore. You can traverse inside the castle while it is still under construction, and talk to more toads and get more tasks. You can even talk to other NPCs that aren’t toads. The Direct showed off a dog that looks flat, and a weird rectangle thing.

Super Mario Maker 2 is slated to release on June 28.