Nintendo Direct Rumored To Be Airing On April 11


According to Gaming Intel, there’s a new Nintendo Direct on its way, apparently already set for later this week. Based on sources which have reportedly proven reliable, the next Nintendo Direct should be airing as soon as Thursday, April 11.

As precised by the website, “there is currently no official confirmation in regards to what’ll be showcased, nor are there any rumors floating around.”

Anyway, it’s worth noting that previous Nintendo Direct broadcasts have aired on Thursday, which makes the rumor a tiny bit more believable.

Also, Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime is leaving the company on April 15, so this would be a good occasion for him to show up and leave a final goodbye to the community.

Among the announcements that we believe should, not even could, be dropping, there’s the release date for Persona 5 Joker’s DLC on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which was planned for April.

Then, we could have more stuff like Animal Crossing, which is still planned for 2019, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and other things that Nintendo is required to spark a bit of light upon soon.

We’ll keep you posted on this, as soon as more rumors or an official confirmation pop up on the Internet.