Nintendo Is Not Ditching Nintendo Switch Online


Over the weekend, a rumor has spread about Nintendo ditching the Nintendo Switch Online requirement for Pokémon Sword and Shield, and that looked like an initial retirement of the offering that allows you to play online on the Switch.

However, it seems like there’s only been an unfortunate wording in expressing a concept about granting you the option to purchase the subscription directly from the game, without leaving it to take advantage of the online features.

The original listing, as grabbed by TechRadar, mentioned that “an in-game purchase option for users who do not have a membership” was going to be included in the games, which seemingly hinted at a chance of purchasing a different subscription and not the original NSO.

The Japanese platform owner has since then shared a note where it claims that “as stated on the Game Store pages for the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games at, a Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to use the games’ online features.”

The note adds that “the games include an in-game option to purchase a Nintendo Switch Online membership for those who do not already have one,” so it simply offers you a different way to get it, and it doesn’t mean that the current subscription is going anywhere in the future.