Nintendo Kills Quality Of Life Project


Remember the quality of life project which has been in the making for ages at Nintendo? Based on the latest report from Japanese outlet Nikkei and backed by a representative of the company, Nintendo has killed it after spending so many years in the making.

The project was announced in 2014 by late president Satoru Iwata, and was already in doubt, after lots of research and development, under Tatsumi Kimishima.

According to Nikkei, a prototype for a device meant to improve sleep quality was almost ready for launch.

And it was then that Nintendo decided to axe the project, said a rep, since it was not “a Nintendo-esque product,” not something you’d expect from the company of Mario and Switch.

In terms of pure hardware, the platform holder has still lots to come, though.

We’ve reported about a smaller Nintendo Switch which should be released at a lower price this fall, and a next-gen machine that would work as something more than a usual Pro model later in the lifecycle.