You’ll be able to make your own games and modes in Nintendo Labo


Nintendo has revealed new details about a mode in Nintendo Labo that will allow players to create their own games and modes.

In the mode, called Toy-Con garage mode, players can combine simple inputs and outputs on multiple Joy-Cons to create new ways to play. For example, an input could gently shake a Joy-Con controller while the other keeps track of how many times it has shaken to create a noise after so many shakes.

By combining inputs and outputs with different Toy-Con, or custom-made Toy-Con, users may discover exciting results when bringing their creations to life. Players could steer the RC car with the Fishing Rod, use the Motorbike as an instrument, or turn a regular old broom into their own hand-made Guitar.

Creators won’t be limited to a single Joy-Con with their builds, however. Nintendo showed off a person creating a working Drum Kit in the mode’s trailer using four Joy-Con at once with three acting as the Drums themselves and one attached to the foot as a Kick Pedal.

Those who are really creative with their custom-made modes could even create a working vending machine.

Nintendo Labo launches this April exclusively for Nintendo Switch.