Nintendo Labo has only sold 30 percent of its initial shipment in Japan


Nintendo Labo, Nintendo’s new cardboard cutout craze, had a great first week on the Japanese charts—it shockingly outsold the PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War by nearly double the amount of units.

Nintendo Labo’s Variety Kit sold 90,410 units while the Robot Kit sold 28,629 units, ranking first and third respectively in its opening week. God of War, on the other hand, sold a respectable 46,091 units at launch.

Even with all of this success, however, not everything has been great for the Nintendo Labo launch in Japan. Only 30 percent of the initial shipment has been sold since the console launched, which is pretty small for a brand new release.

This small percentage could be due to a number of reasons, however. The first and most likely scenario is that Nintendo expected to sell a lot more units of Nintendo Labo than what actually happened, so the company simply placed an excessive initial order in order to meet possible demands.

The other scenario might relate to Golden Week, a vacation period that’s happening from April 29 to May 5 in Japan. Nintendo could have ordered more stock than necessary to prepare stores for the Golden Week rush.

The sales numbers in other countries, such as the United States and Europe, are unavailable at this time.

Media Create also revealed that Switch sales have been decreasing weekly in Japan due to the lack of big titles to help the system sell more units. This could change in the future, however, with Mario Tennis Aces and Smash Bros. on the horizon.