Nintendo reveals more details about Labo launch kits


Nintendo has released a series of videos to show off the new features that Nintendo Labo has to offer.

How to use each part of the kit and what each game would offer was still a mystery. Thanks to these new series of videos, however, we finally know how these cardboard creations will work and function.

The Variety kick includes five games. The Toy-Con Piano, which is a 13-key pianto that players can record their own songs on, The Toy-Con Motorbike, a game which puts players in control of their on motorcycle to face off against CPU opponents, and Toy-Con Fishing Rod, which lets you catch and friend aquatic creatures.

There are also two more unique titles: Toy-Con House and Toy-Con RC Car. The Toy-Con House gives you a small cute animal to befriend and interact with while using the Joy-Cons in unique way. Toy-Con RC Car lets you create a small rumble-moving robot that you can move around in your house, creating small games like Sumo or racecourses in your living room.

The Robot Kit will be available to purchase at launch. The kit allows players to build their own wearable Toy-Con Robot Suit and assume control of a giant in-game robot. You can either smash through a city, or challenge another Robot-Kit wearing friends to a two-player local battle.

The emphasis on all these kits is customization and having players create their own unique variations of the kit by coloring it in and creating their own identity.

Both the Nintendo Labo kits launch April 20, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.