An animator created a stunning concept for a Nintendo Labo character in Super Smash Bros. for Switch


Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch was revealed earlier this month and the first three fighters for the game were introduced—Mario, Link, and the Inkling from the Splatoon series.

Since then, fans have been sending Nintendo suggestions for who they want to see join the game when it launches sometime this year. Goku, Ridley, and Shrek are some of the more common suggestions, but one request has stood out above the rest.

Twitter user JavedLSterritt created a small animation showing off who he would like to see join the game—the cardboard man from Nintendo Labo, Nintendo’s new Switch game that turns cardboard creations into working games and modes.

The simple animation shows off a working concept on how the Nintendo Labo fighter would operate in-game. His Side-B would throw the Nintendo Switch controller to the side to deal a massive amount of damage, while his Down-B would turn the cardboard man into one of the Toy-Cons that comes with Nintendo Labo.

Although it’s unlikely that this character will be a part of the game, no one expected the Wii Fit Trainer to be added into Smash Bros. for Wii U—so at this point, anything is possible until the final roster is revealed.