Nintendo Labo Not A VR Rival But Something Totally Unique & Unexpected


Nintendo Switch proved to be an excellent console and within few months of release, it has broken a major sales record. Now Nintendo has geared up once again to bring an interactive build-and-play add-on-on for Switch which seems a unique way of playing games. Named as Nintendo Labo after it was teased in a short trailer, many wonder its Nintendo’s answer for VR technology.

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo shares likeliness with Google Cardboard. Cardboard was limited to viewing only compare to which Labo is very different, it lets the player to craft, build items and interactive objects that will allow them to play games with cardboard controllers. Reggie Fils-Aime President & COO of Nintendo shared the following statement while talking to Torontosun. He said “It’s not meant to be some sort of competitive answer (to virtual reality). It’s meant to be something totally unique, totally unexpected. We do believe that there will be experimentation that some of these communities will do on their own. And from our perspective, that’s a good thing.”

If you had missed the Labo trailer then you can once again watch above. In the video, you can see customized cardboard printed controllers that can work with Switch and Joy-con controllers to deliver an interactive gaming experience to gamers. It looks very different and unique if we compare it with the VR game; it is more like a playable accessory for gamers who want to do more on Switch.

What do you think, Nintendo Labo is a really a VR competitor, or it is something unique as said by Nintendo. Do share your views in the comments section below.

Source: Torontosun