Nintendo Labo Brings VR To The Switch

Nintendo has announced a VR Kit for Nintendo Labo, which is bringing the virtual reality for the first time ever on the Switch.

The kit has been rumored a while ago and Nintendo’s been experimenting with VR for a while before making a final announcement.

Toycon #4 VR Kit is releasing on April 12 and features a set of held goggles where you need to put your Nintendo Switch console.

As you can see from the first screenshots, it’s really something close to the Google Cardboard in terms of manufacturing.

There are a lot of attachments coming together with the kit, like the Blaster, Camera, Bird, Elephant and Wind Pedal.

Other smaller kits with different combinations are on the way, too, such as a starter pack with the goggles and Blaster, and expansion packs with the Camera and Elephant, or Bird and Wind Pedal.

At this stage, Nintendo has yet to reveal which minigames are included in the platform right away, and the pricing is unknown as well.

Anyway, the platform owner has already made it clear that the VR feature can be turned off, as the games can be experienced in 2D.