Nintendo Is Searching for a Level Designer for The Legend of Zelda

Nintendo may be developing a secret project for The Legend of Zelda. The gaming company wants to hire a level designer for the iconic series, according to gaming news translator Kite Stenbuck.

A new job post from Nintendo, which does not list a specific game within The Legend of Zelda franchise, asks for developers who can create events, dungeons, fields, and enemies from “design to actual implementation,” Stenbuck reports. Applicants should have “game planner experience on console games” and must be able to “communicate in Japanese.”

Stenbuck hints that the position isn’t for a mobile game, but rather for “console games, both home and portable.” That means the level designer position could be for an unannounced Zelda release coming to the Nintendo 3DS or even the Nintendo Switch. But for now, it’s unclear.

It seems likely Nintendo is developing a new Legend of Zelda game, not just DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. For one, the position calls for pretty extensive development experience, from designing dungeons and events to developing and executing enemies in-game. The project contract also hints at a three month trial period, according to a Google Translation, suggesting Nintendo wants to develop a game for an extended period of time. And most tellingly of all, the job application doesn’t mention any released Zelda games like Breath of the Wild. That means Nintendo could be theoretically developing an unannounced Legend of Zelda game for Nintendo Switch.

The job application does not specifically mention the Nintendo Switch, nor does it hint that a new game is coming, however. So for now, fans can only speculate. In the meantime, E3 2018 is coming up, and Nintendo plans to showcase the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch next month. Perhaps new Zelda info will be revealed in June too.

H/T Kite Stenbuck