Nintendo Is “Looking At” Streaming


Game streaming is the talk of the town right now on the Internet, and it looks like every company out there is doing, or considering, efforts to join that market. While Microsoft has done huge steps forward in that direction and will launch the same as Google Stadia this fall, Nintendo is lagging at the moment.

You’d expect that from Nintendo as it’s never been at the most advanced company in the world in terms of technology lately, but it also looks like a right occasion is being wasted as using streaming tech, it could keep doing gimmicky consoles without caring too much about the raw power.

The Mario and Zelda maker is still pointing at looking how things will work for the other platform owner, and then decide what’s best for its business, as shared by Nintendo of America’s newest president Doug Bowser.

“Overall, we think it’s really interesting to be watching what others are doing and what they’re up to, and considering how the video game experience may evolve based on new technologies. We’re looking at those technologies and understanding their capabilities and how they may contribute to the gameplay experiences we desire with our IP and characters and environments,” Bowser said.

“However, we also believe that at this point in time Nintendo Switch also offers a very compelling and unique gameplay experience. It’s a very unique platform in that you can play it at home on your TV, and instantaneously pull it out of the dock and go to a portable mode, whether that’s a tabletop mode or a handheld mode, and continue playing that game seamlessly wherever you go. That proposition of hardware coupled with a catalog that’s over 2,000 games deep is one reason that fans are still choosing Nintendo Switch as their platform of choice.”

Nintendo has been rumored to be working on two more Switch models, one more powerful and the other more kid-friendly, and those should be around throughout the year, we’re told. On top of that, you could also argue that with games like The Witcher 3 being able to run on the console you don’t need streaming to come in at some point.