Nintendo of Japan: Mario is Still a Plumber, Actually


Despite an initial claim from Nintendo’s Japanese website, Mario hasn’t given up his job.

The Nintendo icon is still a plumber, he’s just exploring different hobbies alongside his nine-to-five.

The news comes from an update to the Japanese “Mario Portal,” which lists bios for each of the major Super Mario characters. Previously, the site said Mario “seems to have worked as a plumber a long time ago.” But translating Mario’s updated section on the site reveals the series’ protagonist hasn’t actually given up plumbing, he’s just been experimenting a bit.

“His occupation is [a] plumber,” a translation from Nintendo Life states. “However, his activity is not confined to that area.”

This makes sense, seeing how Mario is still dressed up as a plumber all these years later. Of course, he’s quite skilled at everything from racing go-carts to crashing weddings, so it looks like his diverse interests are really paying off for him.

H/T Nintendo Life