After Nintendo applied for an N64 trademark, fans hope for an N64 Classic Edition


Nintendo has applied for an N64 trademark in Japan, and its parameters would theoretically cover the creation of a N64 Classic Edition, a report from Nintendo Life reveals.

The trademark application, which specifically covers the term “N64,” would give Nintendo trademark rights over creating a video game program, controller for a game machine, joystick for a game machine, and a TV game machine using the term “N64,” Nintendo Life reports. Nintendo supposedly applied for the trademark on April 26, 2018, according to a translation from Twitter account trademark_bot.

While it’s unclear for now what Nintendo has in store with the N64 trademark, the application certainly has fans hoping for an N64 Classic Edition. Twitter has since exploded with speculation, with fans around the world speculating that the N64 will be the next to receive its own plug-and-play Virtual Console-like system for modern TVs.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has filed for an N64 trademark. In 2017, Nintendo applied for a trademark in Europe for an N64 controller, launching widespread speculation that an N64 Classic Edition was in production. But now that the SNES Classic Edition has been released—and sold over five million units worldwide since its launch date—now seems like the perfect time for Nintendo to unveil an N64 Classic Edition for the holiday season.

In the meantime, Nintendo revealed that the Virtual Console will not be coming to Nintendo Switch, but rather, nearly two dozen NES games will launch with Nintendo Switch Online, letting players enjoy multiplayer gameplay online for such classic titles as Balloon Fight and Super Mario Bros. Nintendo Switch Online is set to launch this September.

H/T Nintendo Life