Nintendo now allows fans to scan Amiibos without having to unbox them

Finally we can keep our Amiibos in their boxes.

Screenshot via Nintendo

Good news for Amiibo collectors who love to keep their precious figurines in pristine condition. Nintendo fans discovered that the Amiibo boxes no longer have the foil beneath the toys. According to Amiibo News on Twitter, the foil hasn’t been in Amiibo packaging since the Kirby Amiibos re-release.

The foil prevented the Amiibos from being scanned through the box, forcing players to take them out of the box to properly use them. This became a problem as many collectors prefer keeping their collectibles within the packaging in came in. Amiibos looked especially clean and nice within their boxes.

But the foils are now gone, meaning players can keep their Amiibos in their boxes and still use them in whatever games they were designed for. It is unknown what made Nintendo change its mind, nor did the company ever officially announce it would be removing the foils.

Though Amiibos have in-game functions, they are primarily bought as collector’s items. The foil was likely included to prevent players from scanning the Amiibos within stores and gaining the in-game bonuses without buying the Amiibo, but now it’s very clear that fans want the Amiibos for their collector’s value. Fans were never really buying Amiibos for the in-game value, Nintendo fans wanted them to show off their nice collection of small figurines of their favorite characters.