Nintendo now selling standalone Switch OLED dock

Get your LAN on.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model was released in October 2021 with various refinements that were mostly aimed at the handheld experience. The sole benefit to those that preferred playing docked came in the form of a LAN port, allowing for wired online gameplay on Nintendo’s hybrid console for the first time. Up until now, that revision of the Switch dock has been exclusively included with purchases of the Switch OLED model.

That changes today. Nintendo has both white and black variants of the Switch OLED docks available for purchase right now on its website. If you find yourself not playing in handheld mode very often and want a higher-end online experience with less latency, you might want to pick up this new dock. Unfortunately, even though you’re paying more than the original dock, HDMI and power adapters are still not included with the purchase. This means you’ll have to disconnect the cables from your current dock or purchase them separately if you want to easily transfer between different displays at home.

The main selling point of the Nintendo Switch OLED was the larger OLED screen, providing a marked improvement in black levels, color vibrancy, and color accuracy over prior models. Nintendo also included a sturdier adjustable stand for tabletop mode as well as enhanced sound through the new speakers.