Nintendo President On Nintendo Switch Successor, Switch 2


It has not been long since the Switch has debuted and it is a huge success all over the world. And following to the success, the company has already started planning for their next console. Tatsumi Kimishima revealed this in an interview with Asahi Shimbun. Much details were not provided by him, he just mentioned that he is “thinking” about their next console. Therefore, there is evidence that they are planning on a higher-end version of the Switch or a completely new console.

Nintendo Already Working On Switch 2

Much like they had started planning for the Switch just after the launch of the Wii U, now they have started planning for another console after the launch of the Switch and what Kimishima means by his statement is that their intention is to keep on releasing a newer generation of consoles.

With the launch of new consoles, they are also planning to take advantage of the HD Rumble and the motion sensors of the Joy-Cons. And upcoming Switch titles are expected to take advantage of this.