Nintendo reportedly won’t be adding more streaming services to the Switch

Don’t expect to find an Xbox Game Pass button on your Switch anytime soon.

Photo by Stillness InMotion/Creative Commons

While they’re not huge, streaming services for gaming are picking up more steam. Xbox even recently brought its own streaming service, Xbox Cloud Gaming into beta on Windows 10 PCs, Apple phones, and Apple tablets. Streaming services are usually exclusive to these mobile devices, but one console could also benefit from supporting them — the Switch. It’s a shame then that Nintendo won’t be adding any streaming services to its mobile console, at least, according to one industry analyst.

According to David Gibson, the co-founder of Astris Advisory Japan, Nintendo has no interest in letting other companies put their streaming services on the Switch. “I have had Nintendo tell me directly they would not put other streaming services on the Switch,” Gibson wrote in a tweet. “Lost opportunity…”

Of course, we can’t confirm that Nintendo won’t eventually bring some outside streaming service to the Switch. However, the company has a rather isolationist track record, so it would genuinely be surprising if it did allow streaming services on the Switch. In fact, if Nintendo did add outside services on the console, any company involved would make “everyone a lot of money” according to Mat Piscatella an analyst at the NPD Group.

While we likely won’t be seeing streaming services show up on the Switch, the console has already become a home for multiple third party titles, such as Control and Doom Eternal.