Nintendo Switch and 3DS moved a ton of units this past December


Nintendo has announced its Switch sales figures through Dec. 2017, and surprise—the console did very well. In fact, the Switch managed to take the top-selling console spot for the entire month, having moved 1.5 million units. Not too shabby, indeed! 

According to Nintendo, the Switch has sold over 4.8 million units since its launch back in March 2017, which previously qualified it as the fastest-selling home console in the history of the US. But with all the praise lavished upon the Switch, the Nintendo 3DS has done pretty well for itself, too. 

All current versions of the 3DS (including 2DS) moved over 750,000 units altogether, which made it the best December for the line in four years since 2014. Those handhelds are selling, and they’ve likely gotten a boost with new Pokémon and other engaging handheld titles, like the new Style Savvy, which is awesome (and I’m not being sarcastic). The numbers reveal a 27 percent increase year-over-year for 3DS sales as well. 

Nintendo continues to see impressive numbers with each report that’s released via the NPD Group, and with new ventures on the horizon like Nintendo Labo, it’s good to see that even though sticking to traditional releases pays dividends, the company can branch out and still try new things. We’ll likely continue seeing the Switch performing in a similar manner going forward.