Nintendo will release a first-party adjustable charging stand for Switch


After a rash of reports saying that some third-party Nintendo Switch docks had been bricking consoles, Switch owners became leery of using anything without official Nintendo branding on it. It’s understandable, because the Switch is an expensive piece of equipment, and still a little difficult to come by when you’re shopping at retail stores. 

With that in mind, it looks like Nintendo has taken matters into its own hands when it comes to providing a charging solution. 

Late last night, Nintendo announced an official product that should help curb the bricking problems seen from various Switch owners. It’s an adjustable charging stand for your Switch, so you can dock your Switch and let it charge while you play. 

The attractive, no-frills stand should help keep the party going and juice flowing to your system by allowing you to charge while you play either docked or on your TV or monitor. It may sound insignificant, but that’s a pretty big boon for players!

There’s an AC adapter port on the side of the stand, but there isn’t any word on whether you get an AC adapter with the package. Judging by the price, probably not, so you’ll have to provide that yourself. 

The stand will retail for $19.99, and it’s releasing on July 13. If you’re interested in picking one up, make sure you jump on it quckly. It looks like something that plenty of other Switch users will want too, especially to avoid the pitfalls that have come recently with other manufacturers’ products.