Nintendo Switch is best-selling console of 2019, PS4 is best-selling console of the decade


The new data from NPD reveals the winners of the console race this last decade. Nintendo’s Switch was able to earn best-selling console in 2019, but the PlayStation 4 reign supreme as the number 1 console of the decade.

The information comes based on the findings of Mat Piscatella, a video game industry analyst who is associated with the NPD Group, a market research company. Piscatella shared data that includes what the best-selling console of last year and the overall best-selling console of the decade was.

If the information is accurate, then that means Nintendo performed well in 2019. The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling hardware for December, and the console ended up being the number one for the whole year. The Pro Controller for the Switch was also labeled as the best-selling accessory of the year.

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Even though Nintendo won 2019, Sony took the spot for the number one console and accessory of the decade. According to the data, Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the number one selling console for the decade, from 2010 to 2019. The DualShock 4 controllers were also titled as the best-selling game accessories of the decade.

It seems as if Nintendo and Sony leave the decade on top, whereas Microsoft’s Xbox brand is nowhere to be spotted. In fairness of the Xbox brand, the most recent sale reports for the Xbox One have detailed that over 40 million total units have been sold. Another thing to point out is that Nintendo began the decade struggling with the end of the Wii lifespan, and the whole disaster with the Wii U.

With new console generation hitting selves at the end of this year, we wonder if Sony will keep its lead in the market and if Nintendo can keep its momentum with the Switch. We also want to know if Xbox can usurp Sony to be the top console, or if they will remain second fiddle to Sony’s PlayStation brand. Only time will tell.

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