Nintendo Switch Makes Sales History in the U.S. Over Black Friday Weekend

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Smash Tag Name Change

Leave it to Nintendo to shake things up once more during the Black Friday weekend.

In an official press release, the company confirmed that its Nintendo Switch console had a record-breaking week, with sales of both the original system and the Switch Lite reaching over 830,000 units in the United States.

As a result, it scored “the single best week of U.S. sales in Nintendo Switch history,” adding to an already impressive number of units sold in the Americas. That total now sits at just over 17.5 million units.

Several games also sold well over the weekend. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now sits at a record 8 million copies sold, the highest in the series’ history. Super Mario Odyssey also did well with its lowered price tag, reaching 6.5 million units sold. And Pokemon Sword and Shield continue to be a hit with fans, selling three million combined units so far.

With sales continuing throughout December, the Switch recently overtaking sales giant PlayStation 3 in Japan, and the system’s upcoming introducing in China in just a few days’ time, there’s no stopping Nintendo this season.