Nintendo Switch May Be Getting a Review System


The Nintendo Switch’s eShop feels a little bare bones right now, but that may change. Switch owners on Reddit’s r/NintendoSwitch have dug up evidence they think shows Nintendo is about to introduce a review system for the console’s Nintendo eShop, letting players publish reviews on games they own.

Redditor phantomliger first pointed out the potential feature after wandering over to Nintendo’s official website. Games listed on the site currently have an invisible five-star outline at the page’s top header, with the phrase “(No reviews yet)” next to the stars. This can be seen on both official Nintendo games, such as Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey, as well as third-party releases, like Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Dragon Quest Builders. Even upcoming titles like Kirby Star Allies offer the review system.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Clicking the review information in the header takes visitors to a section that says “Customer Reviews,” promising that “All reviews are from verified players.” For now though, it doesn’t seem players can write a review for a game, even though players can click on a button that sends them to a “Write A Review” page.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Adding a review system into the Nintendo eShop is a promising sign for the Nintendo Switch, especially as the Japanese gaming giant prepares to launch its official Nintendo Switch Online service later this year. Letting players review games helps separate high-quality indie and AAA titles from games riddled with poor gameplay decisions and bugs, promising a better customer shopping experience overall.

It’s unclear when Nintendo will officially unveil reviews, but keep an eye out in the coming weeks ahead. The system looks like it’s in place, which means we might be seeing eShop reviews sooner rather than later.

H/T r/NintendoSwitch