Nintendo Switch Rumored To Be Hacked Team-Xecuter


Nintendo Switch was released last year, and its success has made the news. This new hybrid console is now a fresh platform for games. Talking about the security part, compared to its competitors in the market Switch is pretty new. According to a video uploaded on YouTube by Team-Xecuter, they had claimed they are able to crack of Switch.

Nintendo Switch Unsigned Code

Cracking the security means modding the console that will allow others to play pirated games on it. We had seen this commonly on PlayStation console where a modded version can run pirated game cd’s which is not possible on the factory OS. Nintendo 3DS has also been a victim of hack where it is now possible to run pirated games. Below you can see the video of security claims.

The video also claims for updates coming this year, yet there is no clear indication about the pirated games working on Switch. Team-Xecuter who hacked the console claims they are able to bypass all the security Switch that allows them to execute an unsigned code on it. In the video above you can get a glimpse of custom code running on the console.

Well this does not sound good, a modded version of Switch will definitely draw out huge profit for their sources and this will also lead to piracy. It is possible that Nintendo might release some security patch to block the existing vulnerabilities to stop such claims.