Nintendo Switch Lite New Model Already Submitted To FCC


Nintendo Switch Lite was released less than a couple weeks ago, but it looks like Nintendo is already working on a hardware revision. As reported by Digital Trends, the company has filed new documents with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for a new version of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

As you might know, registering a product to the FCC is mandatory before its release in the United States, and this could mean that the revision could be already on its way, at least for that territory. The new version has the identification number BKEHDH002, different from the currently available BKEHDH001.

Of course, we don’t have information about what this new model could be bringing over, and it’s rather unusual to see such a move happen so close to the release of a console.

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However, it’s worth noting that the production of the original Nintendo Switch Lite has started months and months ago, so in the meantime Nintendo might have perfected some of its production solutions, improved or fixed stuff, and so on.

We’re all looking at the Joy-Con drifting issue, which has not been resolved at all with the launch of the Switch Lite, even though people were expecting it to end with this model. It hasn’t merely because the analogue sticks are the same as the original console.

So, could this be a revision that fixes that issue? Possible, even though we don’t expect any particular announce this time around as this is something merely technical and not an improvement of sorts.