Little Nightmares is coming to Nintendo Switch May 18


Bandai Namco has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch version of Little Nightmares: Complete Edition will be released on May 18.

The game was revealed on March 8’s Nintendo Direct alongside other ports such as Okami HD, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and Undertale.

In Little Nightmares, you play as a small girl named Six who is trapped on a mysterious vessel with creatures who are looking to find and eat her. As Six, players need to escape the clutches of the monsters by staying hidden and completing puzzles on their way to finding an exit.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game comes with the original game and all of its DLC that has been released over the past year, giving players the entire Little Nightmares experience from the get-go. The Switch version of the game also comes with exclusive content, such as a Pac-Man hoodie.

To unlock the Pac-Man hoodie, players will need to own the Smash Bros. Pac-Man amiibo. How players can use the Pac-Man amiibo in the game, however, has not yet been revealed.