French Accessory Maker Reveals Images Of The Switch Mini

Recent rumors that manufacture of the new Nintendo Switch Mini is underway has been strengthened today as French fansite Nintend’Alerts has gotten its hands on some images of the device. A French accessory manufacturer appears to have leaked the photos to the fan site, and Nintend’Alerts have advised that this is, to their knowledge, real images of the upcoming handheld.

Nintendo Switch Mini

The first image says that production for the Switch Mini began in June of this year. As you can see, many of the prediction and rumors about the new hardware seem to be true. The Joycons are now a part of the body of the device, not separate components that can be removed. The system also appears to be dockless, so we can assume it will lack the power of a docked device.

Nintendo Switch

The second image gives more detail look at the new Switch Mini, which also comes in a range of colors. Rumors have swirled about the existence of the product for months now, with many people hoping to see a surprise reveal at E3 2019.

That didn’t happen, but since then the rumor mill has been steadily churning out hints that it did exist. At the moment nobody has any idea what kind of price the new Switch Mini could see for, but it is expected to be considerably cheaper than the standard Nintendo Switch. It would be nice if these leaks gave Nintendo a reason to confirm the product, but I don’t see that happening until the company is ready.

We will keep you updated on any news about the Switch Mini as it breaks.