Nintendo Switch Smaller Model, New Online Service Coming 2019?


Nintendo would be working on a brand new, smaller Nintendo Switch version, which would be on its way as early as in 2019.

The console has been rumored for quite a while now, but this time around we have some meatier details coming from Japanese publication Nikkei.

This new release would be smaller in order to enhance the portability in comparison with the original model.

Perhaps, Nintendo’s will is to replace Nintendo 3DS thanks to such version, which would broaden the audience among those willing to play exclusively on the fly and not at home.

Several developers and manufacturers would have been already informed about the existence of the project.

Nintendo Switch Smaller Model, New Online Service Coming 2019?

On top of that, the platform owner would also be working on an online service tailored for gaming enthusiast, which would be more expensive than Nintendo Switch Online.

This means it could be coming with several additions, such as free current gen games à la PlayStation Plus, or even be an Xbox Game Pass-like library.

We will update you as soon as more details, both official and rumors, should be reported.