Nintendo Switch “Modest Upgrade” Reportedly Coming This Fall


We’ve already reported that, based on intel gathered by Bloomberg, Nintendo Switch is about to get a Lite model releasing as soon as this June.

From the information we’ve obtained in the past, we know that this model is designed to be played by kids and families, who would be supposed to replace the current Nintendo 3DS offering.

This model would be coming at a smaller price in comparison with the original Nintendo Switch release, although details on that have not been disclosed yet.

Interestingly, as previously rumored, there would also be another revision of the current Switch model, and on this one, we get more particulars thanks to Bloomberg.

In its report, the website claims that a “modest upgrade” to Switch would be coming as soon as this fall, even though it would not be featuring more power.

“The existing Switch will receive a modest upgrade this year, though a more powerful version is not in the works,” says the report.

That’s new since we’ve been told thus far that Nintendo was working on a ‘Pro’ model for the console.

However, most recently we heard that the platform holder could’ve ditched that model in favor of a next-gen machine, which could be dropping in a couple of years to be competitive with PS5 and Xbox Scarlett when they release.

All the pieces of the puzzle are supposedly coming together, although we’ll wait for more information before we jump to the conclusion.

The Nintendo Switch Lite version should be launched in late June.