Nintendo Switch Online Has Nearly 10 Million Accounts


Nintendo Switch Online numbers have finally been revealed as part of Nintendo’s latest earnings call with investors.

The platform has been around for almost one year now, and it’s interesting to see how good, or bad, it was received by Nintendo Switch users around the world.

According to the company, the Nintendo Switch Online service can count on 9.8 million accounts, and from that count, we’re excluding free trials.

So, the amount of people having an account on the platform is rather high, even though it’s still around one-third of the entire Switch player base.

There’s still a lot of room to improve, and that’s rather obvious, having the service been around for a few months only.

Nintendo will most likely launch more appealing game offering, and there’s been a rumor around that the service could be bringing SNES titles in, together with the NES ones already available.

Other offers could include free games built specifically for the platform, as it has recently happened with Tetris 99, which has been played by 2.9 million accounts.

We look forward to more ideas and opportunities shared by Nintendo for Switch Online in the nearest future.