Nintendo Switch Online members can save money on certain titles with Nintendo’s new Game Vouchers

Save a little bit of money on the biggest Nintendo games.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Online members are now able to buy an exciting new Nintendo initiative that saves them money on some of the biggest games on the console. This new initiative is the Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers, a pair of digital tickets that buyers can redeem to purchase a digital game in the voucher catalog. The Game Vouchers cost $99.98 and come with two tickets that members can use to buy one game each.

The vouchers can only be used to redeem games in the voucher catalog, but the catalog includes an impressive list of popular titles. The catalog list includes big games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, and all the Pokémon titles on the Switch. The list even includes recent titles like Fire Emblem Engage and Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Considering that most Switch Nintendo games cost $60, purchasing two titles at full price will cost $120. However, the vouchers allow buyers to buy two full-price games for only $100, saving them around $20.

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The catalog list also includes games priced at only $49.99, making the vouchers pointless if potential buyers want to get two games priced at $49.99, as the games will cost the same with or without the tickets. Games that cost $50 on the catalog list are 1-2-Switch, Live A Live, WarioWare: Get It Together, Miitopia, Dragon Quest XI S, Dragon Quest Builders 2, The World Ends with You, and many more. The Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers store page claims that new games will be added regularly to the catalog list.

Only members of the Nintendo Switch Online service can buy the Game Vouchers. Voucher buyers don’t need to use the tickets as soon as they purchase them, as the tickets have a 12-month redemption window for when buyers can use them. Switch Online Members can have up to eight active vouchers in their account, and buyers earn My Nintendo Gold Points worth 5% of the total paid amount for each voucher bought.