Meet Yuzu – Nintendo Switch Emulator For PC


The exclusivity of the Switch games meets the power of the PC. And what can be better than this? Nintendo has a lot of exclusive games, and a lot of games are yet to be released too. So, if you have a PC and want the feel of the Switch without actually spending for another console, then that day is not that far, as the Switch Emulator for PC is coming.

Nintendo Switch PC Emulator

This was recently announced by the same team behind the 3DS emulator, Crita. The team behind the emulator, Team Yuzu first announced that they are working on a Switch emulator, just 10 months after the release of Switch and now in their recent tweet they once again teased the emulator.

With a lot of games coming in 2018 for the Switch, with the help of the emulator, we sure can play most of them on PC.