Nintendo Switch Gamers Also Passionate About Playing, Spending Money on Mobile Games


Nintendo Switch fans love mobile gaming, too. A new poll analyzed by finds half of all Switch owners spend money on mobile gaming each month and 25 percent play 10 or more hours each week.

The data, which comes from EEDAR’s PlayerPulse, polled 1,500 North American gamers and asked them over a 12 month period how much they played mobile games. For one, the study found Nintendo Switch players were slightly more likely to spend money on mobile games each month than current-gen console players and mobile gamers themselves. Whereas 62 percent of mobile gamers didn’t even spend money on mobile titles each month, only 38 percentĀ of Nintendo Switch players refrained from spending money on mobile games.

Twelve percent of Switch owners reportedly put $30 or more down on a mobile title every month, too, compared to only eight percent of current-generation console players and six percent of mobile gamers. In total, 50 percent of all Switch users spent some money on mobile games each month.

Nintendo Switch gamers were more likely than both current-generation console and mobile gamers to place 10 or more hours of time into a mobile game each week, too. Twenty-five percent of Switch players placed 10 or more hours each week in mobile games, whereas only 23 percent of console gamers reported the same rate. Meanwhile, mobile gamers clocked in at the lowest, with only 21 percent playing mobile games for at least 10 hours every week.

Nintendo Switch users aren’t that different from other console gamers when it comes to their relationship with mobile gaming, but there’s a slight edge in the Nintendo Switch’s favor for more intense mobile gaming and spending. As the Nintendo Switch’s audience continues to grow, the gap between console gamers and Nintendo Switch players may increase. That should spell good news for mobile developers, who may want to keep a close eye on where the Switch goes in 2018.

H/T Nintendo Life