Nintendo Switch Price Cut Not On The Cards Right Now


During a Q&A with investors and analysts, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa shared there are no plans on cutting Nintendo Switch prices anytime soon. This approach accounts for the original console and the newest Switch Lite.

According to Furukawa, Nintendo’s idea is to keep having the console value high through the most extended period possible. That’s likely something that software and services will have to help to achieve in the next few months.

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“We want to maintain the value of our products and sell them at their current price points for as long as possible, so we have no plans to reduce prices at this time,” Furukawa said. “Because profitability can fluctuate depending on quantities produced in the future, we’re not estimating any specific decrease in cost. We want to improve profitability by increasing the number of units sold and selling the Nintendo Switch family of hardware for as long as possible.”

That’s something Nintendo can afford to do because the console is thriving right now. There’s no reason for it to turn away from this path. Additionally, Nintendo is releasing high-quality games, and they are in high demand, such as Luigi’s Mansion 3, which released in October and Pokémon Sword & Shield when they release Nov. 15.