Report Suggests Nintendo Switch Pro Could Be Announced, Released By Mid-2020

Nintendo Switch Pro Mid-2020

Rumors about Nintendo working on a more powerful Pro model of its Switch console, following the successful release of the Lite model last year, have been circulating the web, and now, a new report suggests we may see it on the market sooner than expected.

Per details from Taiwanese media outlet Digitimes, Nintendo will have a “new Nintendo Switch model” on store shelves by mid-2020, with production set to begin around the end of the first quarter this year, around the end of March. The report states that the information comes from “upstream supply chain sources.”

While this isn’t by any means official, Digitimes has been pretty accurate about similar details in the past. Last year, it noted that Nintendo would produce a cheaper version of the Switch, and months later, the Switch Lite came to market for $199.

This also ties in with a story from last week, in which analyst Dr. Serkan Toto predicted that Nintendo would release the new Switch model for around $399. “There is absolutely no doubt in my mind,” he said. He also believes it will come with “beefed-up components,” though he didn’t go into specifics.

There’s been a lot of talk about a Nintendo Direct airing sometime this month, based on new game SKUs that have popped up on the radar and the pick-up of rumors on the Switch Pro.