Nintendo Switch Pro Not Coming This Year

Nintendo Switch Lite was announced yesterday, and it is going to be a cheaper model to replace the Nintendo 3DS offering gradually. However, it is the only additional Switch model planned for the time being, as shared by Nintendo of America’s Doug Bowser.

Bowser denied rumors that later in the year a new and more powerful ‘Nintendo Switch Pro’ model would be coming to the market, despite claims from multiple and reliable sources that a sort of mid-gen console would’ve been in the making for quite a long while at Nintendo.

“[Nintendo Switch Lite will] be the only new Nintendo Switch hardware this holiday, as Bowser says the larger Switch won’t get an upgrade right now,” CNET wrote, after meeting Bowser in the occasion of the reveal of the newest model.

As said, reports have been claiming for a while that Nintendo was working on two different models; a cheaper one to replace 3DS and another one to bring the platform a little closer to the competitors with PS4 and Xbox One base models.

Eurogamer even stated that this ‘Pro’ model would be coming in the same fashion of the New Nintendo 3DS, hinting at the extent of additional power would not be so significant as from Xbox One to the Xbox One X but still significant to Switch players.

It looks like those plans have been slightly changed, though, and that the new model could be dropping a bit further down the road (or not drop at all).