Total Switch Console Sales in Japan Surpass PS4

Nintendo Switch has proved massively successful for the company, especially if you consider that its previous console, Wii U, was such a disaster.

Since launch, the platform has been on top of charts both in North America and Japan and now has achieved a big and deserved result.

In just two years from the release, indeed, the Switch has surpassed PlayStation 4 sales in Japan, where the console from Sony has been available since 2013.

It’s true that PS4 has never been too successful in Japan, a market where handheld systems are always the best selling, and where the likes of God of War are relatively less appreciated.

Nintendo Switch had managed to sell 8.042.166 units overall during the week of April 22, against PS4’s 8.047.754 units.

Now, between April 29 and May 12, PS4 has moved “only” 30.003 (Pro included), while Switch has sold another 83.471.

This means it has surpassed PlayStation 4, sitting at a total of 8.125.637 consoles around Japan. Again, in just two years.

That the platform was being rather successful, it had already been proved, since it has already beaten Nintendo 64 and Wii U was outsold in just ten months.

With rumors of a Nintendo Switch Lite releasing as soon as this June, it’ll be interesting to learn what’s next for the console…