SNES Style Nintendo Switch Controller’s UK page is Lagging, Crashing, and Not Loading— Here’s What To Do


The SNES Nintendo Switch controller has finally gone up for sale on the Nintendo UK website, allowing anyone who is a Nintendo Switch Online customer to purchase the controller for £26.99.

Considering how sought after the controller was though and how many people want to buy one, it should come as no surprise that the store is currently in meltdown as fans from across the world try to purchase the controller, but it eventually sells out.

When loading into the page, it either lags or viewers are greeted by a slow spinning ball that never ceases to end, taunting potential buyers with what should have been an easy purchase.

If you also see this, then don’t panic. The site has just been heavily overloaded right now with people trying to get a purchase at the same time. The page only just went live, after all.

Just keep refreshing the page now and again and eventually, you should be able to purchase the device for yourself. The issues should also be temporary as a lot of people are trying to get the controller at the same time as they are worried about it selling out.

Hopefully, however, this should not be an issue, so have some patience and wait for the site to lose its large influx of buyers and you should be able to get one.