Nintendo Switch Has Sold More Than 10 Million Consoles In Europe


Nintendo Switch has sold “more than” 10 million units across Europe.

Nintendo Europe has just delivered the announcement on his social accounts, claiming that those units have been sold through the entire “Nintendo Switch family.”

The original console itself has been performing rather well, but analysts do anticipate that the Switch Lite will be a top-performing platform by the time of the Holidays, due to its handheld and cheaper nature that will likely be appreciated by parents with their kids.

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So, while this result is pretty good and is at least partially powered by the launch of the Switch Lite on September 20, it’s, sure enough, the beginning of an even wealthier process for Nintendo Switch, as we get closer to a window where Nintendo is expected to do very good in terms of sales.

Unfortunately, we don’t have specific figures about the Switch Lite itself, so those sales numbers are cumulative, but it’s worth noting that consoles sales in Europe are up around 30% in 2018 and 40% in 2017. Across the world, we were informed in July that 37 million consoles had been sold, and anticipate this figure get considerably bigger by the next time we hear about it.