Nintendo Switch Now Allows You To Take Your PC Save Files On The Go With Cross Save


Nintendo has released a trailer that shows off their cross-save function between PC and the Nintendo Switch. The cross-save feature means that you can play supported titles on your PC, save the file, then bring the file with your on your console.

At the moment, the function is supported by games like Divinity: Original Sin 2, Fortnite, and SMITE. While it is not a new system, and Divinity has supported it since the game launched on Switch in September, it is good to see Nintendo highlighting the fact that you can do this.

How PCs and consoles interact is becoming more and more important in the gaming space. With many PC players often deciding to choose one console to play on, it can be crucial to offer services that make a console a worthwhile addition to the gamer’s experience, not just another part of it. Being able to move the save files for your favorite games to your handheld device and then take them anywhere is undoubtedly an attractive prospect for a lot of PC gamers.

The feature allows people to opt for the best of both worlds, with all the lovely graphics and framerates of their PC, and the mobility of the Switch when they need to travel. Whether enough people engage with the service to make it become a standard feature in future games remains to be seen, but it is great to see Nintendo pushing the feature. Hopefully, it will become a part of many more games over the next year.