Nintendo Switch Two 2019 Models Similar To 3DS’ 2DS And New 3DS

According to a new report, Nintendo Switch‘s two new models will be similar to what 2DS and New 3DS did with the base 3DS.

The report comes from Eurogamer and basically confirms Wall Street Journal’s, adding more information on top of that.

In case you missed the original news, Nintendo is reportedly building two different models for the Switch to launch as early as this year.

Those models are catering the same audiences Nintendo served with the 2DS and the New 3DS back in the days.

So, the cheaper model would be built in a sturdier fashion in order to be “kid-proof” similarly to what has happened with the 2DS.

The platform owner would also be removing some feature so to have the console less expensive as possible, and there’s a rumor the feature in question could be the HD Rumble.

This budget model would be designed for an audience which would be using it in handheld mode only, so perhaps the dock would be removed as well.

As for the “pro” model, it would feature a bump in power similar to the New 3DS in comparison with the regular 3DS.

So, it wouldn’t be that much, but still it would allow something more for “avid videogamers” out there. No word about the dock here, instead.

We’ll probably learn more over the next few week, as we head into the E3 2019 window where an announcement could definitely happen.