Nintendo Switch’s Latest Firmware Update is Causing Issues For Third-Party Controllers


The Nintendo Switch’s 5.0 firmware update is here, but the latest version has some unintended side effects. Third-party controllers from multiple companies are no longer working with the Switch after the new update, according to some players on r/NintendoSwitch.

Reddit user casescases first brought up the issue earlier today after updating to version 5.0, which led to the user’s third-party controller not working with the Nintendo Switch. After several offline friends reported having similar problems, casescases turned to Reddit for help, eventually creating two lists detailing which companies’ controllers work with the latest version and which ones don’t.

Not every third-party company is affected by the firmware update, of course. Users report their SN30 Pro, NES30 Pro, and SFC30 8bitdo controllers still work fine even after the firmware update, along with the Mayflash Magic-NS and COOV USB Adapter. Nintendo’s official GameCube adapter still works fine, too, so it seems only third-party peripherals aren’t working.

It’s unclear why the new Nintendo Switch update impacted so many third-party controllers. Some suspect it has something to do with Nintendo patching out an exploit for loading Linux onto the system via the Switch’s controller connections. If that’s the case, then Nintendo’s update may have led to third-party controllers failing the system’s new security features.

Either way, manufacturers may be able to fix the problem without Nintendo getting involved. Jinyuansheng is already promising downloadable controller updates to fix the problem and let users salvage their third-party controllers, for instance, and ZD’s homepage features instructions teaching users how to update their controllers. In the meantime, check to see if your controller has been impacted by heading on over to the r/NintendoSwitch thread over here.