Nintendo’s Russian eShop store is under temporary “maintenance mode”

This may have something to do with the Russia and Ukraine conflict.

Image via Nintendo

Several Nintendo fans noticed that the Russian Nintendo eShop was not processing payments. Many were assuming Nintendo was shutting down the Russian eShop due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, though Nintendo has yet to respond if that is the case.

The website has now been updated and, based on the Google translation, confirms that the payment service used in the Nintendo eShop has suspended the processing of payments in rubles. Rubles are the currency used in Russia. The translation reads that the Nintendo eShop in Russia is “temporarily placed into maintenance mode.” The website apologizes for any inconvenience and promises to provide updates as the situation develops.

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It’s not directly stated anywhere if Nintendo suspended payments in Russia due to the current world events, though the timing of it indicates as such. Many companies have taken a stand against Russia, including Microsoft and CD Projeckt Red, both of whom have suspended the sales of their titles in Russia in support of Ukraine.

It should also be noted that Nintendo itself may not be behind the suspension. A separate third-party payment service provider in the region may have a hand in the digital purchases of rubles and was directly involved with temporary maintenance. Until Nintendo gives more information on the situation, we can only speculate.