Nioh 2 Is A Prequel, Details Characters And Dark Realm


Nioh 2 has been the protagonist of a new turn of hands-on around the world and in time for Tokyo Game Show 2019, so a lot of first impressions are reaching the internet and we’re more than glad to share them with you.

Game Informer has talked to the members of the development team, and it was confirmed for the first time that the game is going to be a prequel in terms of narrative, even though it’ll be greatly expanded upon the original base.

Producer Fumihiko Yasuda confirmed that Nioh 2 is a prequel, although it will take place only “slightly before the original Nioh.

The game will be set in the late 1500s, and the player has his own customized character who is part yokai at his disposal.

“The big historical storyline is going to be that [Toyotomi] Hideyoshi, one of the greatest Japanese warlords, was actually two people – that includes you and Toukichiro, and you two will be Hideyoshi together and that sort of ties into the core of the story,” Yasuda said.

Toukichiro, another character, was based on a historical figure. We’ll be able to explore the Dark Realm, too, which is the place where yokai live. They’ll carry us over that place as they’ll be more powerful there, and beat them in that location will grant us with bigger rewards.

Real-time multiplayer will also allow you to play with other two friends in case you feel the game is too hard on your own.

The release date for Nioh 2 is fixed in early 2020 for PS4.