Nioh Still “Possible” On Xbox One


Nioh is one of the few third party exclusive games released during the current generation of console, and probably that could change soon.

Indeed, Koei Tecmo has said that an Xbox One version of the Feudal Japan-based soulslike could still be “possible.”

Talking to a fan who was asking about that version, the publisher said indeed that “anything’s possible,” and that Xbox supporters only have to show that they really want the game on their consoles.

“Anything’s possible! You just gotta show us you want it,” answered Koei Tecmo, surprisingly revealing that there’s no particular obstacle to that.

Looking at the tweet, then, it seems like there’s more a commercial consideration about the genre not being particularly successful on Xbox One, rather than an exclusivity deal with Sony.

So, fans, if you really want Nioh on Xbox One, you finally know what you need to do.

In the meantime, Koei Tecmo and developer Team Ninja are currently working on Nioh 2, which is reportedly shaping up very fine