Nioh Not Getting Xbox One Version, Says Koei Tecmo Europe


Nioh is about to get a sequel, as announced back at E3 2018 in June, but there’s still one question about the series that hasn’t found an answer yet: is the game ever getting an Xbox One version?

The recent release of Nier Automata: Become As Gods Edition on Xbox One has somehow encouraged Xbox fans about the possibility of a dedicated Nioh version for their favorite console.


However, it looks like there’s not a concrete chance for such a thing to happen, at least anytime soon. Koei Tecmo Europe has confirmed that once again in an answer provided to a fan on Twitter.

The fan in question shared a video of a Spanish youtuber who claimed to have gathered several clues about the possible release of a Nioh Xbox One edition soon, but the response from Koei Tecmo was negative.

“Sorry, this guy is stretching. It’s the same answer I give everyone who asks. There are NO current plans to bring Nioh to Xbox,” the European end of the game publisher said.

Things could be more complicated indeed in comparison with the Nier Automata project. Nioh has been published in partnership with Sony itself in Europe and North America, so it’s hard to believe it’ll ever drop on a competitor’s console.

In the meantime, Nioh 2 still doesn’t have a release date attached.