How to suck the fun out of everyone’s brand new Boomsday creations and adapt old meta decks


The time immediately following the release of a Hearthstone expansion can feel like Christmas. There’s so many new toys to unwrap and play with, it can be hard to know which one to try first.

Players everywhere are currently taking some of the ropiest decklists you’ll ever see out for a test run to try and get a handle on new archetypes. From Mech decks, to Deathrattle Rogue, to Topsy Turvy Priest, you’ll see some weird stuff going on right now.

The thing is, some people hate Christmas. They are Hearthstone‘s Grinch—and they play existing meta decks to try and climb the ladder when an expansion hits. They ruin your fun when you’re trying to pull off a stupid combo by just gasp playing the game well.

Anyway if you are one of those people, you’re not alone. And if getting ranks is important to you, here’s four of the best decks from the last expansion’s meta updated for the new one.

Malygos Druid

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As soon as it was revealed, Flobbidinous Floop was high on people’s lists to include in Malygos Druid. He’s gone straight into the list, as has Biology Project to cheat out some extra mana.

That’s it. Nothing else new is required, the deck was already super good. Floop just helps you get out an extra Malygos for all the Spell Power you could need.

Zoo Warlock

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Zoo Warlock might be the top meta deck that got the best new cards in The Boomsday Project.

The Warlock legendary spell, The Soularium, is awesome. It draws you three cards for one mana that you have to play this turn, but they’re so often cheap in this deck it’s not that difficult. Soul Infusion is a crazy good buff, especially with Saronite Chain Gang and the new Doubling Imp.

Those are the three new cards. The rest is just the same core as before with cards like Happy Ghoul and Fungalmancer powering it along.

Odd Paladin

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Odd Paladin was the best aggro deck of The Witchwood’s meta. The buffed up hero power was great when combined with cards like Level Up!, and there are some new cards that fit in the deck.

Dire Mole is gone, replaced by a different one mana 1/3—Glow-Tron. From there a core of Mechs makes sense, so Mecharoo is in the deck too. Wargear is there as a plain body, or as a big buff to either of those cards. Giggling Inventor is a no-brainer here, it’s a ton of stats to put on the board that is really hard to deal with.

Combo Priest

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Okay, this one really is cheating. It’s not humorless at all—it’s one of the most challenging decks to get right at the moment. Watching streamers struggle with it is a ton of fun.

Inner Fire Priest was definitely a thing in the previous meta, and this is pretty much the same as that. The strategy here revolves around Test Subject, Twilight’s Call and Vivid Nightmare. Use those cards you fill your hand with Divine Spirits, then buff up and Topsy Turvy a Stonetusk Boar for an absurd amount of damage.

It’s an incredibly satisfying and ridiculous combo—but isn’t that what new metas are all about really?