No Man’s Sky Console Version Receives Hotfix 2.04 to Help Prevent Game Crashing Issues


Many players have found their way back to No Man’s Sky this week, thanks to the game’s latest update called Beyond. With it comes several new features, such as animal taming, base features, new crafting options, multiplayer, and much more.

This much new content is going to give players plenty to do, but it comes with a lot of new files for the game. Having this many new files means there’s going to be a handful of bugs and issues preventing players from having an entirely smooth experience. One of the most significant problems was the console version of the game crashing due to the hardware having problems rendering large textures, and managing memory.

The hotfix is patch 2.04. It’s going to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of No Man Sky, while the PC version should not receive the same one. For those curious, you can read the breakdown of what’s going on in the patch through this link. The patch notes are incredibly brief, with only two lines of text dedicated to sharing what the patch should cover. The first portion of the notes thanks players for their time spent in the game.

While the hotfix is likely to fix some of the larger bugs featured in the game right now, there several other issues still cropping up. The developers behind the games, Hello Games, are a small team attempting to handle these broader issues. The team is going to take time to get to everything because they need to tackle the more substantial, game-crippling problems first, before getting to the smalle details.

Despite the number of issues and bugs showing up with the latest Beyond update, players are having a good time with the game. No Man’s Sky is enjoying a second chance of success given the title’s initial release reaction. Check out our other games for the game, such as how to tame creatures and how to create the ever-important Nutrient Processor.