No Man’s Sky Next Gets New Experimental Patch On PC, Introduces Gameplay Changes


Hello Games has released a new experimental patch for No Man’s Sky Next, introducing the first gameplay changes for the title after the launch of the major patch and several hotfixes on all the platforms.

The experimental patch is only available on Steam and, if all works fine, changes included will also be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sooner rather than later.


The full changelog is very long but USGamer has done a quite useful summary with the most important ones, and you can see the list below.

  • Fixed a number of crashes to do with freighters
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while creating a race track in a borrowed Exocraft
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in The Purge mission
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in the Ghost in the Machine mission
  • Fixed an issue where players would receive incorrect mission instructions while returning with the Mind-Arc
  • Fixed an issue where Sentinels would chase players forever if they did not complete the final Weapon Specialist mission
  • Fixed an issue that was causing dialogue and rewards at certain found buildings to repeat (including Traveller graves and portal glyphs)
  • Fixed an issue that caused players upgrading their save to not have any primary missions if they were on the tutorial for expanding their inventory when they upgraded to NEXT
  • Fixed an issue where legacy saves would not know the recipe for microchips, the large refiner and some advanced survival products
  • Fixed an issue where player ships could shoot themselves in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where some base parts were not available in the blueprint analyser
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck if they died before using the Navigation Data in the tutorial
  • Removed the chance to get nanites from Buried Technology Modules
  • Slightly increased the cost of launch fuel, but made one canister entirely refill the thrusters
  • In normal mode, slightly reduced the base rates of hazard and life support fuel usage
  • Reduced the time required to scan discoveries with the Analysis Visor
  • Increased the recharge rate of the jetpack when onboard a Space Station
  • Farm plants now grow in real-world time (rather than game time), allowing farms to continue growing while you are away from the game. As a consequence, adjusted farming times + prices.
  • Fixed an issue where mission markers would not attach to the correct base
  • Reduced the number of whispering eggs around Abandoned Buildings
  • Fixed an issue where chairs did not display their text correctly
  • Fixed an issue where falling animations would not play

As the current hotfixes are tackling critical issues, I’m so happy to see the team “more free to focus on gameplay and quality improvements/fixes, as well as more rare issues,” Sean Murray said on Twitter. “Patch 1.55 is a long list, and is the start of this.”

To look at the evolution of No Man’s Sky and the quality of the update Next, you can check our latest feature out now.