No Man’s Sky Announcement “Incoming”, Teases Sean Murray

Sean Murray has just launched a brand new teaser for No Man’s Sky.

The teaser, which was shared on Twitter, claims there’s a new update for the game “incoming” on all the platforms.

“Small announcement incoming,” Murray told the followers by retwitting a 2018 comment he made on the social network.

“We generally say as little as possible now, and focus on making things for people to play… but this was about to leak,” he said at the time.

He then precised with another tweet that the announcement will be “SMALL”, so expect something similar to the Halloween update rather than closer to Next.

On top of the retweets, he shared a tweet with a clock ticking, which means the news could be coming in a few hours.

It’ll be interesting what No Man’s Sky brings in at this stage in order to stay relevant, in a period when a lot of online games are launching (think of The Division 2 or Anthem).

We’ll let you know as soon as more information on that arrive.